Lake Oswego: Waluga Park-East

Waluga Park-East is located at: 15505 Quarry Rd. Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035

This park is easily accessible, with a reasonable amount of parking and is great for all ages!

The playground area has two separate play structures, the first geared towards children ages 2-5 years old. This play structure is located near the baby swings which is perfect if you are trying to juggle pushing a baby on the swing while keeping an eye on your toddler.

The larger play structure, geared towards kids 5-12 is one of my kids favorites!  It has multiple places to climb, a track ride (a playground zip line), and a slide.

Waluga Park-East also has a super fun saucer swing!  I have seen kids of all ages (sometimes 4-5 at a time) and even adults on this swing.  My daughter spent the majority of her time on this swing when we visited.

Within the playground area of the park are 4 picnic tables, and 3 park benches.

Across the parking lot from the playground area are restrooms and a covered picnic area (which can be reserved for parties). There are also 2 baseball fields.

At the far end of the parking lot there is a path that leads to Waluga Park-West (review COMING SOON!)

Link to Lake Oswego Park and Rec.: Waluga Park-East

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